Hasbro Toy Shop Update: Newest Releases

Just a community service messages to fans like this reporter who have struck out finding the newest releases at retail this morning: Hasbro Toy Shop has many of the newest Transformers up now for order. Generations, Age of Extinction, and. Hero Mashers are plentiful. Hit the jump for some direct links.

Heromashers Jetfire and Heatwave are two of the newest additions, but you might want to add the Generations Deluxes Jhaxius, Windblade, Nightbeat, and Crosscut. Leader Jetfire is also available. Generations Legends Nemesis Prime and Cliffjumper might be smart to pick up as the line starts to whither on shelves. Sky-byte and
Roadbuster have been up for a little while now, as have the AoE Voyagres Drift and Slog, but if your local distribution is anything like here…
Of course, the code 10HTSDISC still nets you 10% off your order.