Giant Robot Comics Shows Their Exclusive Cover For RID #33

Giant Robot Comics have been getting some wonderful exclusive covers for various Transformers comics. It’s another great choice on their part, and it’s nice seeing it at more than a thumbnail.

This exclusive variant cover for Robots In Disguise #33 features Arcee, Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Jazz, and Sideswipe, on a bridge. It’s rendered beautifully by Casey Coller with colours by John-Paul Bove. The comic is out now, and this covers is available only via Giant Robot Comics. Click here to be taken directly to their site. They also have other exclusive covers, including My Little Pony, and previous Transformers covers.
We’ve mirrored the clean cover they have. ‘Clean’ in this case means it doesn’t yet have the trade dress and barcode, it’s just the art on show. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.