Funko Posts New Pics Of Wave 2 Game Of Thrones Legacy Figures

After a first wave that had good sculpting but some QC niggles, Funko are coming back fighting with wave 2, and they’ve shown new photos. These are the ‘real’ toys, not their POP! versions of these characters.

These do appear to be production figures, as they look like mass-produced samples, and are also due out in October. We are avoiding any kind of spoilers from any book or show material, so we’re going to go light on some details. Wave 2 features Jaime Lannister in his Kingsguard uniform, Daenerys Targaryen in her blue ‘Mother Of Dragons’ outfit, Khal Drogo (with an arakh, which was absent from earlier shots), Brienne Of Tarth in her earlier armour, Robb Stark, and his sister Arya. Both Starks are wearing what is pretty much the only clothes they wear.
It’s interesting to note that Funko took down the original photo of Daenerys, Robb, and Arya, after queries were raised about Arya’s headsculpt (it wasn’t a flattering angle). Being 3-dimensional means headsculpts change with your viewing angle, so it could very well be just that, and a shadow/lighting thing. They then added a new photo, which showed her from a better angle than the first, and shows a headsculpt that looks much better than the original. I’m going to post both, simply because while the first wasn’t a good shot of Arya, it was a better shot of Dany and Robb’s faces. We’ve labelled them below, so you can make up your own mind, but please, keep in mind that one photo does not a figure make It’s too early to know whether that ‘bad’ photo of Arya has anything to it, or is just a bad angle which obscured details like the strand of hair flowing across her face. The scale is also difficult to tell, so while the relative height of Brienne to Jaime appears slightly off, it can also possibly be chalked up to the camera angle. It’s too early to make such definite conclusions.
As mentioned, these will be out in October. It’s not yet known whether Barnes & Noble will have them first, as they did with wave 1, but there have been unconfirmed reports of displays being set up for wave 2, just sans figures. Time will tell, and either way, these will be out before the next book (we were all thinking it). These photos are from Funko’s Instagram, which is available by clicking here. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos.