Fans Project Core Premium Membership Announcement

The folks at Fans Project Core bring us news of their new Premium Membership program. This paid subscription service will offer fans a chance at some exclusive toys and the funds generated will be used to build the website experience that the creative minds at FP Core have always imagined it should be. This first year features the long-awaited Trailer for their Steel Core figure, as well as three other as yet unannounced exclusive figures. Pre-orders go live September 19th. Hit the jump for the pics and more details.

From the FP Core website:

We are excited to announce after much anticipation that Pre-orders for the Steel Core Trailer will be available September 19, 2014!
WAIT! that’s not all. Please read on…
The new Steel Core Trailer comes with a 1 Year Premium FP Core Membership! FP Core was launched with the production of Steel Core, so we thought that it was only fitting that we kick off our paid membership program by bundling it with the Steel Core Trailer. The trailer and the membership will be limited and once sold out the membership will not be available again until next year.
How does it work?
It’s really very simple. Everyone that purchases a Steel Core Trailer receives a 1 year FP Core Premium Membership and 3 free FP Core Premium Member Exclusive items!
The Steel Core Trailer Ships in October, 2014 and your Premium Membership is Activate. After that, you will receive 3 more free FP Core exclusive items (approximately 1 every quarter). So basically you are getting 4 exclusive items and a 1 year Premium Membership for 1 price.
What does a 1 Year FP Core Premium Membership do for me?
Ever since the conception of FP Core, we’ve been working hard to introduce unique characters and exclusive products to our members and offer specials for those who signed up for our free membership. Although this has helped us to raise money to produce more exclusive products, we have let our main focus of building additional website and community features take a back seat.
Introducing a paid membership will help us to complete initiatives such as our crystals system, fan stories and evolve the community features to provide a more interactive community for FP Fans.
As a Premium Member, you will have access to Crystals (a stats system that gets you special member advantages) and future interactive fan features that can earn you freebies and other member exclusive advantages. You will also have the opportunity to purchase exclusives and premium member exclusives first.
And of course, you will get your 3 free FP Core Exclusive Items throughout the year of your membership. In fact, every year that you renew your membership, there will be 4 new FP Core Exclusive items that will be available to premium members for free!
Why are there only a limited number of Premium Membership bundles available?
This is a first step towards our goal of building better community features, stories and fan interaction. We want to make sure that our system is able to handle the scale of members we are building our new features for. Keeping the premium membership to a controlled number of users allows us to grow with our users confidently and build a solid foundation as our premium features evolve.
If I don’t want to get a membership now, will I have another chance to?
Yes! We plan to offer more limited number of Premium Memberships every year when we renew our existing memberships. That means every year, we will add more memberships to increase our member base and also release any memberships that are cancelled by membership holders. Unfortunately, this years exclusives (Trailer + 3 free items) will not be available for next years membership bundle as there will be 4 new items available.
What if I don’t want a Premium Membership, do I still get to access the site?
Of course! The Premium Membership being introduce does not penalize those who would like to stick with the free membership. With the free membership, you will still receive news on exclusives and have the opportunity to purchase exclusives. We understand that not everyone wants the goodies pacakaged free with the Premium Membership or take advantage of the extra features included.
Although Premium Members will enjoy access to all features, there will still be lots of new features available to free membership holders. Our free members are still an integral part of our community and help build the community with interaction, feedback and other purchases.
Pricing will be as follows:
Steel Core Trailer with Bonus Membership Bundle – $64.99 USD
(Includes Bonus 1 year FP Core Premium Membership)
Steel Core Trailer Deluxe Membership Bundle – $174.99 USD
(Includes 1 Steel Core Figure & Bonus 1 year FP Core Premium Membership)
Special Flat Rate Shipping is available for the entire bundle (This takes care of shipping for all bundled items):
$12.99 USD within the US
$17.99 USD within Canada
$49.99 USD for all Countries outside of US & Canada
Orders will be limited to 1 per user and we reserve the right to cancel any orders that do not comply with this policy. All bundles are limited in quantity and premium memberships will not be available again until next year once sold out.