Everything is Awesome for LEGO!

With simple bucket of multi-coloured bricks and a little imagination you can build anything, it seems, including a worldwide empire. According to entertainment website Variety, LEGO is now the world’s largest toymaker.

Earlier this summer we told you about a beach in England where LEGO bricks from a 1997 shipwreck are still washing ashore. The flood of free LEGO hasn’t hurt sales at all, as plenty of Legomaniacs young and old are willing to pay up for their bricks. Writing for Variety, Marc Graser reports that thanks to the wild success of this year’s “The LEGO Movie” coupled with some strategic licensing partnerships over the last 15 years, the company is posting revenues that are streets ahead of the competition.

Licenses to “Star Wars,” “The Simpsons,” DC and Marvel’s superheroes, and its own films like “The Lego Movie” have helped make Lego the world’s largest toy company when it comes to revenue and profits, beating Mattel and Hasbro.
At least that’s for the first six months of the year.
Lego attributed much of this year’s success so far to “The Lego Movie,” which helped boost sales by 11% during the first six months of the year, the company said.

TL;DR version: There are a lot of LEGO bricks out there. Try not to step on ’em barefoot. Ouch!
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