Aussies: Kre-O Bucket Of Blocks, 1 Week Sale At Coles, Only $10

I did my best to cram it in the title, but there are a few more details. This one is for the Aussies.

Coles has this listed in today’s new catalogue of specials. It’s for one week only, and more importantly, it’s a one-time thing. Once they’re gone, they’re not coming back, so no rainchecks. It’s the Bucket Of Blocks that was at various US retailers such as TRU, Amazon, and a few others. It’s the one in the RED bucket, not the later blue one which contained different pieces.  It comes with 2 Kreons (Bluestreak, Sideswipe), 3 Transformers builds (Jazz, small Bumblebee, small Optimus, all from the first year), and other assorted blocks. It’s listed as containing 279 blocks all up, so it’s a pretty decent deal, especially with Christmas looming.
I have two photos of the catalogue ad below. They’ve come from the last source I ever expected: my mother. You’ll notice that in one of the photos there’s a floral pattern sticking out below the catalogue. I’m glad taste in furniture isn’t hereditary. So thanks, Mum, and I hope that some of the Aussies find this useful. As always, just click the thumbnail below to enlarge.