Armarauders EJ Su Concept Art, And We Introduce You To The P.E.T.

With Armarauders set to enter the general collecting lexicon shortly, we’d like to get a head-start on what to expect. Let’s check out some Allspark Exclusive concept art. You’ll love it.

We’ve previously introduced you to Mecha Workshop’s Armarauders, which includes prototype images of the upcoming Bellerophon (click here to be taken to that piece) and the slight delay on pre-orders (announced here). The first of the linked articles also contains the basic info on the project, and the various media it’s currently inhabiting, with links to the comics and motion comics already released. Mecha Workshop’s Armarauders was created and designed thanks to a collaboration between Valent Wang and former Transformers fan-favourite artist Don Figueroa. This means that right off the bat, you know it’s going to look good, and indeed, it does. But now yet another former Transformers fan-favourite artist has jumped onboard for the next comic mineseries: none other than EJ Su!
Joining EJ is yet another creator with a Transformers connection: scripting duties will be handled by the Eisner Award-nominated Brandon M Easton, who is a veteran comic writer, documentary maker, and writer of episodes for both Transformers:Rescue Bots and the 2011 Thundercats animated show. It’s an all-star cast in every way. As Brandon himself puts it, he is “extremely excited about doing working on a mecha-based franchise as he is a serious giant robot enthusiast.” Not enough Transformers-related creators? Well, let’s throw in one more. Dan Taylor, co-writer of the previous Figueroa drawn miniseries, is also back on deck, this time serving as co-producer. Sounds like it’s all in good hands, and the future is looking bright for Mecha Workshop and fans, on all fronts.
EJ’s been busy in many arenas, and this will mark his welcome return to the world of word balloons and sequential art. His design-work is also top notch, and what we’re about to share with you is a real treat,  everything from character studies to panel layouts to cover roughs. We also get a look at an upcoming mech, which does appear to be all-new. We’ll show you these first, but you’ll want to stick around, as you may even enjoy the next gallery below this one even more. We don’t have a lot of specifics for these, such as character names and the like, at this stage. It’s still a nice behind the scenes look at the creative process, and we’ll do our best to guide you through, as best we can. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, and let’s get started.

What can we say. It’s terrific art, and we can’t wait to see the finished products. We now move on to the P.E.T., which stands for Personal Enhancement Tech. These look to serve a similar role as Haro in Gundam, or R2D2 in Star Wars. It also seems likely they’ll end up being the line’s mascot, as much like the aforementioned characters, they’re very recognisable, and very appealing. They are quite cute, and make a very nice light against the darker shade of the mechs and war going on around them.  The PETs also happen to look a wee bit reminiscent of HERBIE from the 70’s Fantastic Four cartoon, but are, of course, a HERBIE infused with pure badass. The work EJ put into the design for these is astounding. The wire-frames just show it coming together, line by line. It’s an amazing sight to see, and obviously very laborious work. Here we’ll show you the product of all that work, as we skip along showing it taking shape from concept drawing to full 3D renders, along with a variety of colourschemes. Once again, click on the thumbnail to enlarge the pics.

We’ll have more Armarauders coverage for you soon, and we hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks at what to expect. It’s a very bright future ahead for Mecha Workshop, all thanks to Valent Wang, Don Figueroa, and EJ Su.
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