Andrew Wildman wants to Bludgeon your wallet

…on eBay, that is, but it’s for a good cause! If you missed out on his original art page auctions last week, fan-favourite Transformers comics artist Andrew Wildman has another round of auctions this week that might be up your alley, especially for fans of G1’s Master of Metallikato, Bludgeon!

The five auctions each include a signed copy of IDW Publishing’s Transformers: Regeneration One #100 Convention variant cover. Best of all, each of these five copies of the comic will come to the buyer bagged and boarded, with the backing board featuring a unique hand-drawn sketch featuring Bludgeon in his Pretender shell!

Just started over on eBay is the next 30th Anniversary auction of Transformers comic/sketch packs. This time round… Bludgeon. Everyone’s favourite Samurai Pretender. Usual deal, five sketches bagged with five copies of the increasingly rare #100 Convention Special.

Proceeds will support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check out the post (including the link to the eBay auctions) on Wildman’s blog HERE and then join the discussion HERE in the Allspark Forums!

Just one of Andrew Wildman's five Bludgeon sketches that could be yours!
Just one of Andrew Wildman’s five Bludgeon sketches that could be yours!