Actual Photos of TakaraTomy Legends LG08 Swerve & Tailgate and LG09 Brainstorm

Via TakaraTomy’s Legends product page, we know have some albeit small and cropped photos of their versions of Generations Swerve, Tailgate, and Brainstorm.

LG08 Swerve and Tailgate feature colors more in line with their original G1 toys rather than their recent IDW interpretation.  Swerve is a darker maroon with a starker white and Tailgate trades in the light aqua and white chest  for a dark teal and silver chest.
LG09 Brainstorm features colors very reminiscent from his Hasbro counterpart, but is loaded with additional painted details on his torso and chest wings.
Unfortunately the individual product pages are not yet available so we only have the small thumbnails for now.
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9-18-2014 8-21-36 AM