A Wolverine statue in Edmonton?

On the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, fans of the movie Rocky can get close to their hero, immortalized as a bronze statue. Detroit will soon be home to a statue of RoboCop, and Milwaukee has a bronze Fonze. If one Edmontonian gets his wish, Marvel’s berserker mutant hero may get the same treatment.

Through a Change.org petition, Jesse Seitz has asked Edmonton City Council to commission a life-sized statue of Wolverine. Though by no means the first Canadian superhero, Wolverine is probably the best-known Canuck in comics, and was revealed to be Albertan in the 2001 ‘Origin’ miniseries.

Not many popular or exciting fictional characters are born Canadian but superhero and adventurer Wolverine isn’t just Canadian, he’s an Albertan too. I think it would make a lot of people really proud to live in Edmonton and raise morale to erect a life size statue of this character in City Hall, or even perhaps Churchill Square or the Alberta Legislature Grounds. It would also become an interesting tourist attraction for comic book fans visiting our city.

At least one Edmonton city councilor has voiced support for the idea. Councilor Andrew Knack called the petition “a great idea, assuming we go about it the right approach.” While public funding for art in the city is available, Knack goes on to say he doesn’t think it would be appropriate to use taxpayer dollars for the project if approved.
Just what “life-sized” would mean for a Wolverine statue could also be a matter for debate. Whether the statue would be based on Wolverine’s appearance in the comics (where he stands just 5’3″ tall) or Hugh Jackman’s 6’2″ portrayal in the films, some fans would be bound to be upset in either case.
Check out the petition HERE.