A PSA For Handling Masterpiece Wheeljack

Sometimes we overlook that which seems obvious in retrospect. This is one of those. There’s no need to panic, so look at it as a ‘be gentle when’ situation.

Our own customiser, moderator, and occasional guinea pig Cheetimus Primal, has put out a short little PSA for handling and transforming Masterpiece Wheeljack. It is something to be mindful of, and it’s better to hear these things now than after you’ve broken it. While he was lucky and didn’t have to suffer a break to notice it, others might be less fortunate, and it isn’t the first time it’s been mentioned. This is the warning he gave in this thread in the Allspark Forums: ‘Be super careful with MP Wheeljack’s wings. They are made of clear (brittle) plastic and are mounted on very tight joints. If you push too hard at the wrong angle they WILL break. I repeat, BE CAREFUL!’
So there you go, and we hope you haven’t read this too late, and that you’re also enjoying this latest entry into a wonderful line of great Masterpiece figures.