z75sales shows off previously-unseen black Optimal Optimus prototype

eBay seller z75sales is back with more previously-unseen goodies to make Tansformers fans salivate while their wallets weep. Of particular interest, the latest piece they’re showing off from the Mackey-Florence collection, a factory-fresh production sample of Beast Wars Optimal Optimus almost-entirely black plastic!
z75sales recently made a big splash in the Transformers fandom when they unearthed and sold a complete Generation 2 Menasor set, which fetched over $26,000 on eBay, along with several other unreleased G2 items. The collection of rarities they’re working their way through has yielded plenty of treasures, and their latest unboxing, uploaded to the z75sales YouTube page, shows a few final MISB production samples of the Beast Wars Optimal Optimus figure, as well as the real meat of the find, the prototype piece.

This was one of the 100+ boxes from the collection. It was originally set aside because it was thought it was just a case of Beast Wars Optimal Optimus. A closer inspection uncovered a surprise prototype in the box. While the mint in the box toys you see look like regular retail versions, they are likely Hasbro quality samples used in the production process. If these had been regular production figures the case would have had a date code, also the case was shipped to the source via FedEx international Priority (you can see the sticker still on the case).

While the prototype hasn’t been listed for sale yet, z75sales does currently have a few interesting items available on eBay right now. Check them out on eBay HERE and join the discussion of the Mackey-Florence collection HERE at the Allspark Forums!