Yokohama Nemesis Prime Pre-TF Expo Exclusive Revealed

Transformers Expo started today, August 9th, in Yokohama, Japan but there was also a pre-view party last night to kick off festivities. For those that attended, there was an added surprise bonus as well – Fans received a special “Yokohama Nemesis Prime” figure! This is the same clear red and black Optimus Prime figure that Takara Tomy have been giving away, but it came with an exclusive decal sheet that added more black, some teal and, of course,  Decepticon symbols.
Check out an image of Yokohama Nemesis Prime in a tweet from @Decepticonsnavi. It’s part of a flyer with a scavenger hunt style game where participants had to track down Autobot and Decepticon stamps.
You can get a better look at the decal sheet itself here in Andrew “Hydra” Hall’s tweet. And there’s a Decepticon symbol cookie!