Transformers/GI Joe Club Exclusive figure coming?

Grain of salt and crazy speculation time, folks! Hot on the heels of this week’s Lio Convoy reveal, The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has teased Twitter’s Transfans with hints at their next offering.

Tweets to the Transformers Collectors’ Club feed have teased at two upcoming reveals in the next few weeks, with the second promising to ‘send shockwaves across fandoms.’

What does this mean? Transformers fans will instantly think of a certain one-eyed, one-cannoned, flying purple Decepticon Military Operations Commander. Fun Publications also operates the GI Joe Collectors’ Club, and GI Joe/Transformers toys have been something fans of both franchises have been asking for for years. Could Fun Publications be hinting at a HISS Tank that transforms into Shockwave? Of course, there was also a GI Joe character named Shockwave to think about.
Whatever this ends up being, we’ll know soon enough, and we’re sure it’ll be an instant hit with both camps. Check out The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE, and then jump in on the speculation thread HERE in the Allspark Forums!