Transformers Expo Approaches, Takara Tomy Tweets Out Images of Massive Display

Transformers fans in Japan are going to be greeted with a treat this weekend – Not only is this the opening weekend for Transformers: Lost Age/Age of Extinction in Japan, but Transformers Expo will open as well! In anticipation of the week-long event, the team at Takara Tomy are tweeting out images of their massive Transformers display. It includes over 3,000 Transformers figures – some of which are incredibly rare like the Dinosaur Cassettes, Headmaster partners, and Guard City combiner team – as well as packaging and bio art from across the brand. So for those who can’t go, take a peek at the images and just imagine walking into what amounts to a Transformers museum filled with so many drool-worthy items!
Take a look at the Takara Tomy tweets for the images. You can also see a schedule for the event on Takara Tomy’s website.