Transformers Collectors’ Club Nova Prime Toy Mock-Up Revealed

Last night fans received a peek at the next Transformers Collectors’ Club Store exclusive in the form of some artwork. This afternoon, the TCC have given us a look at the toy mock-up itself! Nova Prime is a redeco of the Generations Orion Pax mold using the same head sculpt created for the 2015 membership incentive Lio Convoy figure. The deco is reminiscent of the Nova Prime who has recently appeared in the popular IDW comics – white, black, blue, and several shades of gold.
The Club also gives a reminder that there will be a second Club Store exclusive revealed next Thursday. Only this time they say that it’s “not your average Joe’s kind of exclusive”… What could they be teasing?
Check out the Transformers Collectors’ Club homepage for a look at the Nova Prime figure mock-up

2015 Transformers Collectors’ Club Store Exclusives Nova Prime Digital Mock-Up