Transformers Collectors’ Club Nova Prime Line Art, Head Turnaround

Transformers artist Robby Musso has posted to his Facebook page the clean, uncolored line art for the Nova Prime reveal that the Transformers Collectors’ Club had made last night. Moreover, he also posted the head turnaround (or at least front and side views) for the Nova Prime/Lio Convoy head that he designed for the upcoming TCC exclusive figures! The head is an amalgam of the two previous head designs and takes Lio Convoy’s head and face while adding Nova Prime’s antennae and chin.
Lio Convoy is the Club Membership Figure which comes as an incentive for joining the Club before March 16, 2015. Nova Prime will be sold in the Club Store along with a box that will hold both himself and Lio Convoy.
Check out Robby Musso’s Facebook photos for the line art and head design, or read on to see our mirrors.

Transformers Collectors’ Club Store Exclusive Nova Prime – Line Art

Transformers Collectors” Club Store Exclusive Nova Prime – Head Design