The Collected TF Expo Nemesis Prime Comic

We at the Allspark have been bringing you the individual scans of the Transformers Expo x Yokohama Campaign Nemesis Prime comic as they rolled in, but thought we should take the opportunity to collect all the pages in a final gallery as well.
As previously reported, the comic features the give-away clear red Legends Optimus donning the exclusive sticker set as Nemesis Prime! We learn with the full collected pages that Dr. Archeville has used the Nemesis stickers to control the beloved Autobot leader. Along the way, we see Beast Wars Megatron, Navi-ko, the other TF Expo exclusives, and just about every McGuffin known to Transformers lore. Of course, this is the funny pages, so in the end Optimus triumphs over Archeville’s control and tears the stickers from his body. You…may not want to recreate that with your expensive exclusive toy.