TFSS 2.0 Treadshot Quick Gallery and Review!

News came earlier this week that the next installment of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 had begun to ship, and speculation began as to who would be the first figure to arrive.  Yesterday, the Catgut was let out of the bag as reports of Treadshot and his Micron partner began to surface.  I was fortunate enough to get mine in yesterday, so I thought I would do a quick gallery and review.
I knew nothing about Treadshot before getting this figure.  According to his bio card, while he is formally a Decepticon, he is actually more of a gun for hire.  His services can be bought, and based on his skill level of 10, they must be worth it.  The TF Wiki entry expands upon how impressive he is to Decepticon High Command, and just how good of a shot he can be.  His partner, Catgut, shares his propensity for lethal punishment.
While his G1 Actionmaster hinted at his former alt mode being that of a pistol, TFSS 2.0 Treadshot is an h-tank, being made from the same mold as Generations Warpath.  An orange and black tank may not be super realistic, but what were you expecting?  He looks nice and imposing in this mode, with his orange and blue highlights being quite visible.  Treadshot sports two slightly skewed Decepticon symbols on the sides of his front treads.  For someone who is a Decepticon in name only, he sure is proud of his faction.
Bot mode is where Treadshot really shines.  The layout of his colors is almost perfectly transposed from the Actionmaster, and I personally think that the black and orange color scheme makes him not only look sinister, but much more of a threat than Warpath.  The grey head with cool blue faceplate just shouts “I will shoot you in the face”.  And you know he will do it, and you know he won’t care…as long as he gets paid.

If looks could kill...
If looks could kill…

Catgut was another pleasant surprise for me.  I never had any of the Actionmasters as a child, and while I know there is some disparity of opinion about how awesome they were, I always wanted them.  TFSS Catgut is made from Arms Micron Jida, and once again, the colors transpose perfectly.  This is a fierce looking figure, with the same orange and black scheme as his partner.  He sports a tampographed Decepticon symbol on his back, which I think looks great, with small exception to how it seems a little large for the location, and has to flow over the curves of the plastic, making it seem as if it is cut off from a topical glance.  I love this Micron because he looks impressive in both modes.  He really looks like an alien cat and a true weapon.

Catgut is a model of his breed.  Notice the haunches...
Catgut is a model of his breed. Notice the haunches…man, those haunches…

If you have the subscription, keep your eyes open.  This set will arrive any day.  If you decided to cherry pick, you will want to purchase this guy.  I think he is one of the best to come out of this year’s subscription so far.