Superman Auction Nets New Record Price. You May Want To Sit Down For This One

This auction was being buzzed around the vintage comics scene for over a month, and now, after a tense bidding cycle, the dust has cleared, and someone bought themselves a comic.

We did a report on this just two days ago, so check out that one for most of the details, which are rather light anyway. The short version is that this is considered one of the best copies of Action Comics #1 in existence. It’s 75 years old, and doesn’t even look a year old, yet it’s very much real.

In the previous article, I predicted (aka ‘took a wild guess’) that it’d end up around the 3.5 mil mark. I wasn’t too far off the mark, with the final price a new record-setter at US $3,207,852.00. Yes, that’s right, over 3 million dollars, for one comic. We’ve screencapped that portion of the auction for your convenience, and as a more permanent solution to eBay’s quick turnaround times. I wonder how you celebrate buying a 3.2 million dollar comic purchase? Nice champagne, or ramen noodles?





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