Star Cats Dinosaur Team Being Re-Issued In ‘Age of Extinction’ Colours

Yes, Star Cats, but they’renot cats at all. They’re dinosaurs. Now they’re getting a makeover, and a new look for the new season. It’s worth a look.

The original Star Cats combiners were featured back in June, covering their original colour schemes. If you’d like to see that one, click here to have a look.
They were released as a cheap use of the molds, essentially just to recoup funds, I believe. The set was very well-liked, and the quality was supposedly pretty high for such cheap sets (full combiners of 5 each for around $50US, and they’re in two sizes each), and the original colours were nice and cohesive, if a little bland for the Dinos. Now the Dino Team has received a nice lot of recolours that may look familiar, as well as new packaging, which might also look familiar.
They’re now in Age Of Extinction Reminiscent colour schemes, and in packaging that mimics the minimal packaging that is a familiar sight to all shoppers. It’s a bit cheeky. It’s also amusing to see that in place of the written word ‘Transformers’, the phrase ‘The Latest Series’ is instead plastered in its place, possibly a nice ironic wink at the audience, possibly just to have something there. We like the former more, so we’ll go with that. They’re also still unnamed, so go wild with your preferred monikers. If you’re feeling cynical you can enjoy the fact they’re unnamed, as that actually brings them closer to their brothers’ appearance in the Age Of Extinction film, where they are all unnamed, anyway.
It’s not a perfect match, but the colours do generally remind you of the AOE toys. It’s all surprisingly close, and actually done with purpose and a modicum of restraint, unexpected for the line, given the earlier woes.
If you glance at them, it all looks dead perfect, but then you take a second look, and you notice that all the right colourschemes are being used, and well represented. It’s just that something seems a tad off. Nothing drastic, but not quite as it should be. Take a quick look yourself, and see what you think (although now we’ve said that, you may notice it easily anyway, as you’re now deliberately checking). Yep, the colours are there, and the t-rex looks fine, the pteradactyl looks fine, the triceratops is perfect. That leaves you with the stegosaurus and the apatosaurus. The colours there are correct, they’re just on the wrong ones. The stegosaurus has the apatosaurus’ colours, and vice versa. Oops.
Even with that tiny goof, it all looks perfectly acceptable, and they look to be a real treat, and a perfect way to acquaint yourself with these charming and colourful rogues, a jaunty addition to any robot dinosaur collection, and great foils for your Age Of Extinction team. The movie guys have their work cut out for them. Unlike the Star Cats, they can’t combine. Who’ll win this bout?
They’re currently listed as a pre-order at Chimungmung. It looks to be a very short pre-order turnaround, as they’re expected in for an August release.
Once again we’re left with the question of price. The originals were $50 for the set, which again, is an unbelievable price for 5 toys that equate to larger Deluxe to Voyager, and even verging on the old Ultra size class. This release looks like it has more to it than the first lot, and the new colours, while sharp, do look like they’d cost more than the regular versions. So how much do you think? $80? $100? Try…..$49.90US, not including shipping. The exact same price as the previous versions.
After all that, you may just want to throw a fifty on it just to see what they’re like, and worst case,display them as a curiousity next to their AOE brethren. As to the combined form, well, that’s shown also, and while it’s nowhere near as cohesive as the first lot, it actually makes for a nicer, more varied look, giving them a more traditional feel, with separate palettes just clashing with everything around them. They look even better than the last round.
We have mirrored all the images below, both packaged, loose, and combined. As we said earlier, they’re up for pre-order at online retailer Chimungmung, for an August release. Other online retailers will presumably list this set, as it’s not marked as an exclusive. So check with your usual online retailer for price and availability. Chimungmung’s pre-order is accessible via clicking right here.
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