Prototype Shown Of Upcoming TF4 Optimus Knight Toy

It’s hard to get excited about another Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime toy. But this one actually does the job, and may even be the best yet. Even better, it’s not exactly Prime.

How can it be an Optimus Prime that isn’t Optimus Prime? By being Optimus Knight instead. It does sound rather cool. But unfortunately, it’s actually named ‘Ultimate Power Mode Optimus Prime’, and is AD31 in the Lost Age line.
There’s quite a bit of new tooling here. It’s a fairly extensive change to previous incarnations. So far we know it will be released in the TakaraTomy Lost Age line. We don’t know if it will be receiving a western release, but it seems like a likely candidate for the Platinum line, at the very least. Most likely a regular and Platinum release, but that’s purely speculation on our part. It is a remold of the Leader size toy, but with new head, lower arms, chest, Waist/Skirt, upper legs, and possibly even the feet. The weapon is obviously also new, as it’s big, even for Optimus.
We’ll keep you updated as we get new info, but for now, enjoy both the prototype and the final design for Optimus Knight. This piece was shown via Snakas, so thanks for another great find, and keep up to date via the Allspark forums, in the discussion of the piece available right here.