No, Megan Fox Did NOT Tell you to go F— Yourself

There have been some articles going around reporting that Megan Fox has told fans to go F— themselves, and while they do seem to be true, they’re actually not. Well, they are kind of true. Megan did tell eonline, in the original interview with them, that she “doesn’t F—-ing care what Fans think of her acting“, but that’s hardly telling us to go F— ourselves. This is just another example of how quickly gossip/rumors can spread and how they can become twisted to the point where you will never know what is the truth and what is a lie.
E! did the interview with Fox a couple of days ago and in it the actress revealed that if Bay ever wanted her to do a cameo in Transformers then she would gladly do it. Some sites are incorrectly reporting that Megan will be replacing Nicola Peltz, when all Fox had really said was that she would like to do a cameo in a Bay Transformers film.

“If [Bay] ever wanted me to do a cameo like assembling an autobot motorcycle in a bike shop or something like that, I would totally do it.”

megan-fox-motorcycle “Well, dere’s yer problem right dere…”
She also talked about how thankful she was that (despite calling him Hitler) Mike gave her a role in the upcoming TMNT (out August 8).

“I knew it would blow people’s minds,” Fox said in reference to their little feud. “But we had been talking behind the scenes. No one knew. Mike and I have a special relationship. I love Mike and I’ve always loved Mike. He was really instrumental in casting me in [Ninja Turtles] actually. I owe this movie to him.”

When she told fans about how she doesn’t care what they think of her acting she also said that there is no sequel in the making for TMNT at the moment.

“Right now, there’s no sequel set,” Fox said, adding, “But I imagine there will be because it’s good.”

She added, “Even though a lot of people frown upon these kind of movies—they’re like, ‘It’s not serious acting’—I don’t f–king care. I love it. I have fun and that’s what life is about. You’re supposed to have fun. You don’t have to be a tortured artist.”

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