New Mystery of Convoy Game

This one comes as a surprise. Famitsu has revealed a new Q Transformers game for iOS and Android, called Convoy no Nazo, or Mystery of Convoy, based heavily on the infamous Famicom game bearing the same name.

The player takes control of Q Transformers Optimus Prime as he battles past enemies such as jets and a giant Decepticon symbol. The enemies, backgrounds, and music are mostly taken from the original game, though somewhat softened. The Decepticon symbol boss fight includes a brand new background where the original featured no background at all. Other changes include fewer enemies on screen at once, and redesigned level layouts with more platforms and pits to jump past. Optimus Prime constantly runs forwards, so think quickly!
YouTube user Walruslaw has uploaded a promo showing two brief sections of gameplay, including a boss fight. Check it out below.