New Info For Lost Age ‘Silver Knight’ Optimus Prime, AKA AD-31

We have some new info on the upcoming ‘Optimus Knight’ redeco of the Leader Optimus Prime toy. It’s worth a look, we promise.

If you missed our first feature, you can read that by clicking here. This toy already features a LOT of retooling: it has new arms, chest, feet, skirt, and the sword has been redone. We did mention the new head, but thanks to Robot Kingdom’s Facebook page, located here, we now know something that is better than we expected, and pretty darn enticing: a removable faceplate.
Yep, a removable mask, so you can display him with or without a visible mouth. That’s something fans have wanted for quite some time now. In the past we’ve had to settle with picking one version, or shelling out double to get both heads on various redecos. Now we finally get the removable faceplate people have wanted ever since the first movie back in 2007. We don’t yet have photos of this feature, but with that, and the more accurate updated parts like more movie-accurate feet, this may well be the closest to the movie we’ll see.
This ultimate Optimus Prime is slated for a November release. Keep up-to-date with the status of this figure on the Allspark Forums discussion, which is available right here.