New In-Hand Photos: Generations Jhiaxus, Crosscut, and Protectobot 3 Pack Streetwise

A bevy of new images have appeared for some upcoming Hasbro Transformers releases.  First up is Protectobot Streetsmart (aka Streetwise / Streetstar).  This figure is a redeco of Beast Hunters Prowl and comes packed with Groove (a Cyberverse Arcee redeco) and First Aid (a Prime Deluxe Ratchet redeco).  Images are courtesy of lena81822.

Next up are images of some upcoming Generations figures.  Ultraman_dl of has images of Generations Jhiaxus.  Jhiaxus is an extensive retool of Generations Armada Starscream.

Also from Generations are new images of Crosscut.  Crosscut is a retool of Skids to homage the eHOBBY character.  The Crosscut images come courtesy of 多多綠茶 from as well.

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