New Images of Transformers Music CD and DVD Cover Art

Small images of the cover art for the upcoming Transformers Song Masterpiece CD and Transformers Music Matrix 30th Anniversary Vers. first appeared printed in the Figure King hobby magazine last week or so. Now however, have posted much larger versions of the artwork, and it’s really quite great! Transformers Song Masterpiece, as the title hints, has artwork that mimics the Takara Tomy Masterpiece packaging with Optimus Prime standing on a black background with a silver border. Transformers Music Matrix 30th Anniversary Vers. on the other hand gives us artwork of all the prominent Autobot/Cybertron leaders from throughout the Generation 1 Japanese cartoons – From Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime to Ginrai, Star Saber, Dai Atlas, and Fortress Maximus.
Both the CD and DVD feature the various Transformers theme songs over the past 30 years and are scheduled for a September 17th release in Japan. The price on the CD is 6,480 yen (about $63 USD) and the price on the DVD is 3,536 yen (about $34 USD).
Check out the order page for the CD as well as the DVD for more information


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