New Images of Takara Tomy’s Transformers Display at Transformers Expo

Rare toys, Diaclone, Microchange, test shots, prototypes, mock-ups, 2-ups… Takara Tomy did not hold back for their display at Transformers Expo! In addition to the hard to find late G1 toys that they’ve been teasing on Twitter, they also have a near complete display of pre-Transformers items, as well as goodies such as the original mock-ups for G1 Rodimus, Wheelie, Six Shot, and a smaller Unicron, a 2-up (or larger) of Beast Wars Megatron’s head, a couple of pre-production stages for Beast Wars Torca, test shots of the G2 Flipchangers and Autorollers that later came out in Machine Wars and Beast Wars 2, the prototypes for Beast Wars Neo Unicron as well as the Alternators Jazz that converted into a Porsche, a few unreleased redecoes including blue Optimus Minor, black and gold Powerpinch, Detritus from Universe Hound, and blue Microchange Bumblebee from Classics Bumblebee, and more! They also have on display a tool/mold for the G1 Optimus Prime figure. It’s not a display to be missed!
Check out a plethora of images over at TAG Hobby, and then discuss them in Jalaguy’s thread.

Prototypes and Pre-Production Pieces on Display at TF Expo

Optimus Prime Tool/Mold On Display at Transformers Expo

Late G1 Transformers On Display at Transformers Expo

Pre-Transformers Figures on Display at Transformers Expo

Masterpiece Star Saber on Display at Transformers Expo