New Gallery Of TRU Japan Exclusive Rusty Evasion Prime

We have a wonderful new gallery for you, starring the Toys R Us Japan exclusive version of Evasion Optimus Prime, aka Rusty Version Optimus Prime. Optimus has really let himself go.

This version of Optimus Prime is a redeco of Evasion Optimus Prime. This time it’s repainted, to match the farm attack scene in Transformers:Age of Extinction. It is exclusive to Toys R Us Japan, but is also expected to be available in other select parts of Asia, at various Toys R Us stores.
Besides the new paint-job, there’s one change for this release, one that we’re all familiar with with Movie Optimus Prime toys. Yes, this version features a new head, with Optimus’ iconic faceplate in place. The regular version currently available at mass retail has Optimus with a mouth instead.
The gallery comes to us courtesy of TFND member ‘A Lot Of Green Tea’. We suspect that may not be their real name. We’ve mirrored the full gallery below, for your convenience. It’s very thorough, clocking in at around 36 images, but with such a unique paint-scheme, it’s very welcome, as this is certainly a look that we don’t often see in the toy aisles. Two photos are stills from the movie prop, to give you an idea of just how accurate this is. It’s surprisingly close.
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