New Armarauders Bellerophon Pics

You may recognise the styling of this mecha, which seems vaguely familiar to Transformers comic readers. That’s because it was partially designed by former Dreamwave and IDW artist Don Figueroa.

The designs are a collaboration between Don Figueroa and Valent Wang, with sculpting done in part by Keiichiro Maeno. This Bellerophon, the planned debut product, has been in the works for some time now, and has seen multiple revisions along the way. Those changes came not from a faceless man in a suit, but by us, the fans. Sometimes we are worth listening to.
The Bellerophon clocks in at 9 inches high, and Mecha Workshop boast a whopping 70 points of articulation for the mech itself. The included pilot and gantry have their own articulation, allowing for highly customisable displays. Despite the many revisions, and the fact this will be the first toy from the company, it’s still chugging along, and is starting to get that much closer to being in our grabby little hands. The gallery below features a mix of pics from their Facebook page, and from Fwoosh member Ash Talon. Ash’s photos are from SDCC, and show coloured samples, while the MW Facebook page still shows typical grey prototype colour. The SDCC pics are of the planned production colours.
There have been several issues of the tie-in comic released so far, which are available on Comixology for 99cents, while also being offered free from their Facebook page, or their own upload for it here in PDF format, which gives you the first issue. The art is by Don Figueroa, and he’s definitely showing form here, with some very detailed and creative designs.
The line has been rather obscure among the Transformers fanbase, which is odd considering Don’s popularity and design sensibilities, and Valent’s own creative input. They also regularly interact with fans, soliciting colour ideas, and feedback on sculpted prototypes. This is definitely one to get behind, as this looks to be a great line in the making, and this enthusiasm has not been tempered by the near 2 and a half year production cycle so far. For now, though, enjoy the gallery below, and click here to discuss this in the Allspark Forums Armarauders thread.