MTV News Compiles Marvel Movies Easter Eggs

For those that missed it on general news sites, here’s MTV News’ collection of Marvel movie easter eggs. How many did you pick?

There’s almost 13 minutes of easter eggs from all the Marvel movies currently out as home releases. That means that Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy are not featured.
It’s an interesting assortment. It ranges from the obvious, aka all the Stan Lee cameos (I love the fan-theory that he’s the Watcher, personally), and some not so obvious, like specific comic issue call-outs. There are a few that seem like a bit of a stretch, and at least one that’s just wrong: For Iron Man 2, they list that ‘the oracle of Oracle’ bit is a comic reference, when it’s actually a straight cameo as that gentleman is the head of Oracle, the real world company. Strangely, they then recognise the later references as being Oracle the real company. That was my little nit with it, but overall, it’s a fun little piece.

The full video is available at MTV News. Click right here to be taken to the piece. We also have a thriving forum for comics discussion, covering everything from comics themselves to the latest super-hero film. Click here if you’d like to have a look at our forum list.