More New Images Of Mega Drive Megatron

From a Game Watch interview with the figure’s designer, this is a very cool gallery of photos of the upcoming Mega Drive Megatron. We get some great new angles of the toy, and a packaging shot.

These pics include an assortment of stock images, and shots which appear to be taken at TF Expo, which also show the exclusive shirt. Note that some of these have been seen before, so it’s a mix of new and old, and really allows this unique entry to the line to shine. One is a photo of the TakaraTomy Arts booth, and the rest is a mix of photos of the figure itself, including possibly the best look at the console mode we’ve yet to see.
These photos come to us courtesy of the Game Watch blog. To discuss these new photos, and give your take on just where these Console-Bots fit, click here to be taken to the Allspark Forums thread on this release.