More Images of Yokohama Nemesis Prime Decal Sheet, Bio, Comic, Cookie

Autobase Aichi has given us a few more images of the Yokohama Nemesis Prime promotional figure that we had reported earlier. The images show of a closer look at the decal sheet, the character’s biography, a comic featuring Yokohama Nemesis Prime (and another Cybertron Satellite Prime made from Cyberverse Legion Airachnid), and…another cookie!
The clear Anniversary EZ Optimus Prime used as a base for Yokohama Nemesis Prime were limited to the first 1000 fans who attended the pre-Transformers Expo party the night of the 8th. A small additional amount were available to those fans who completed the Transformers emblem scavenger hunt, finding the two faction symbol stampers hidden around the dock yard gardens outside of the Expo.
The faction symbol cookies were sold for 900 yen and came in three versions – Autobots, Decepticons, and Yokohama Decepticons (the last one being the cookie pictured on Autobase Aichi’s website).
In addition to the cookie, fans also received the decal sheet for converting the clear EZ Optimus Prime into Yokohama Nemesis Prime. For an added bit of fun, the Nemesis Prime in the comic reveals his true identity by applying these decals on himself.
Check out Autobase Aichi’s blog for the images
Update! We now have an image of the decals applied to the figure courtesy of @tf_tf:

Yokohama Nemesis Prime Materials and Cookie
Update And Toy Image