More High Quality Scans of The Transformers Masterpiece Official Guidebook; Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Primacron and More

We here at The Allspark are glad to share with you a few more exclusive images from the Transformers Masterpiece Official Guidebook. Check the images and their descriptions out below and be sure to click on the full sized images to see the high res versions.
Page 20: Details and artwork featuring Grimlock with Wheelie, Bumble, and Daniel in his exosuit as well as Primacron and his assistant along with a Quintesson Judge.
Page 24: Rodimus’ extra accessories and a crudely drawn representation of how his weapon works.
Page 26: Rodimus’ other gimmicks including how he combines with his trailer (bottom left).
Page 78: The 4 Ultra Magnus faces, as the two on the left are not listed as part of his accessory list.