Millionth Copy Of My Little Pony:FIM Comic Sells For $6500

The Pony mania is still in full swing, and the IDW comics recently celebrated a milestone that all comic companies would be envious of: selling the millionth copy, only 12 issues after launch. More after the bump.

Said millionth copy, which is a variant cover for issue 12, has only one single copy printed (otherwise you lose the whole millionth thing). There were actually 12 issues offered, each as an edition of one, with unique, specially drawn covers for each version. Bidders were in full force at the auction itself, hosted by Heritage Auctions. This special cover was drawn by Sara Richards. We’ve linked the cover below, in its CGC holder, where it shows a grade of 9.6. When it’s an edition of 1, condition is not as important as it would normally be, though 9.6 is still a fine result for any book.
The auction was courtesy of IDW, who donated all funds to ‘Kids Give The World’, a non-profit charity that helps turn dreams into reality for children with life-threatening illnesses. Sara’s original art for this cover was also auctioned, and it went for $3250, exactly half the finished comics’s ending price. We have mirrored images of both the front and back covers below. This story comes to us courtesy of Bleeding Cool.
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