Lunar Toy Store posts preorder for third-party not-Macross “SDF1 Makuros”

Third-party toys aren’t just limited to the Transformers fandom! Fans of Macross and Robotech have a chance to get in on the unofficial fun, as Lunar Toy Store has opened preorders for Master Made’s SDF1 Makuros.
Master Made’s superdeformed figure, based on the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, transforms between cruiser and robot mode, and looks pretty incredible (not to mention adorable!) in both configurations. Measuring 24cm in cruiser mode, the figure is an impressive size, and includes two 7cm non-transforming Valkyrie (aka Veritch) figurines and a figure stand featuring a simplified cityscape.
The estimated price will be around $105 USD, with an expected October 2014 shipping date. Want one? Visit Lunar Toys HERE to check out more images and to reserve a set now, and then jump in on the conversation about the set HERE in the Allspark’s third-party B.O.T. Talk forum!