Interview with Head of IT on Transformers Universe Multiplayer Role-Player

Tech site Computing brings us an interview with Barry Zubel, head of IT for Jagex, the folks helping to bring us Transformers Universe MMO. Mr. Zubel gets into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to deliver such an intense gaming experience to the consumer. Hit the jump for a brief snippet, and check out the full article here.

“Our biggest project is virtualisation and that’s going to be a big winner for us,” he said, describing how “we’ve historically not virtualised anything operationally” due to the limits it would put on game performance – but that’s changing.
“The way we’ve managed to get that through is we initially used virtualisation in our test and QA environments, and that’s worked really well,” said Zubel. Benefits from this included a reduced need for physical servers and greater flexibility.
But while many of the servers on which the games run aren’t likely to be virtualised, a lot of the infrastructure behind them will go that way.
“That doesn’t mean we’re going to be running all our front-end game servers virtualised, that’s still unlikely to happen. But it does mean a lot of the back-end infrastructure is moving towards virtualisation,” he said, going on to explain how a change in the perception of virtualisation has made it easier to sell the concept to his team.