How High Can Superman Fly? Highest Graded Action Comics #1 Auction Bringing Out The Big Guns

It’s been the darling of the comics discussion scene for years: a legendary copy of Superman’s first appearance that looks as brand new today as it did back in 1939, a full 75 years ago. What is the price for such a gem?
The number of copies in existence is the product of fierce debate. The truth is that we simply don’t know, and there’s always the chance more could be found, but at the same time age is a problem for all original copies. It’s probably fair to guesstimate we’re talking about a max of 50 copies give-or-take, a miniscule number compared to the number of collectors who both want a copy, and have the money to afford such a gem. There are actually two copies of this comic with the same 9.0 grade. That other copy supposedly has signs of aging that make this the superior copy. Either one sounds like a dream catch regardless.
As of the time of writing, there is 1 day 10 hours left on the auction, hosted by eBay. It is viewable via clicking this link.
The question on everyone’s lips is of course the price. This 75 year old comic doesn’t look a like a day over, well, one day, actually. As of now, bidding is currently at US $2,193,919.38. It will certainly go higher, and the reality is that no one knows just how high this will sell for, as we near the finish line. Personally, I’m expecting somewhere around the 3.5 million mark, but that is nothing more than a guess. The truth is that the final price will only correlate to the depth of the  pockets of those most interested.
1 percent of the auction proceeds will go to the Christopher And Dana Reeve Foundation, a charity established by the late Superman star Christopher Reeve, and his wife Dana, dedicated to improving the lives of those who have been impacted by paralysis. With the clock ticking, and with 1 day 10 hours to go, this is one to watch, as it’s sure to be a record-breaker. Good luck to all bidders, and please excuse us flies on the wall watching this rare spectacle take place.
We have mirrored two pictures from the auction in question. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge.