Hero-X Transformers Generations 2014 Vol. 2 Contents!

Allspark member Powered Convoy has gotten his hands on a copy of the just released (today!) Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 2 by Hero-X / Million Publishing.  He’s provided a run down of the contents of this book for those interested.  This book is packed full of Transformers goodness and can be appreciated by fans across the globe.
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  • TF4 Box Art poster
  • Train Wars Part 2 – Featuring:  GoShooter, Go Shuta, Smokescreen (who is a bad guy), The Fallen, Metals Silverbolt, Black Drift, Downshift, Camshaft, Police Sunstreaker, Shouki, Vector Sigma, Daniel, Alpha Trion, the other Raiden components, Sixliner components, Sixtrain components, Metroplex, Overdrive, Swerve
  • Lost Age Feature
  • Dual Model Kit Lost Age Optimus
  • Museum Masterline Series 05:  Grimlock
  • Prime Studio 1 Starscream Statue, Busts, Drift Statue Prototype, TF4 Bumblebee Statue
  • Lost Age Movie Advanced Wave 2+
  • Lost Age Quick Change Figures
  • Lost Age Exclusives (Rusty Optimus, Wheeljack, Rollbar, Black Knight Scorn & Slug)
  • TF Expo Exclusive TF4 Figures, Legends Commanders, TRU Evolution 2 Packs, Gold Chrome Evasion Optimus
  • QTF Optimus & Bumblebee
  • Legends Wave 1 & 2 (lots of new pictures of Wave 2, same old pics of Wave 1)
  • Cloud Story 3, Hot Rodimus & Shockwave
  • Beast Hunters Cyberverse Final Waves, BotCon 2013 Souvenirs (WHAT?!), TFSS #1 (the TCC can’t even be called the TCC in this book, they’re referred to as the TFC)  :D
  • Rise of the Dark Spark feature – shows off figures in the game using Infiltrator Starscream’s weapons
  • 3rd Party TFs – [email protected], Funko OP & BB, POP! TF4 figs, Unicron head, 2′ Mega Zarak & Black Zarak, Sentinel Pens, Mr. Potatohead figs, PS1 Optimus, Revoltech G1 reissue
  • TF4 Game prize Optimus, Bumblebee figure, cups, coins, TFG2014 vol 1, TFG re-release, Arcee & Elita figures / model kits
  • Masterpiece Star Saber proto (good look at all his features)
  • Original Star Saber design work
  • Masterpiece Ultra Magnus feature
  • Masterpiece Extra – US MP Grimlock, Silverstreak, Eva Optimus, TF Expo Lambor
  • All Ultra Magnus Feature:  Diaclone, G1, Reissues, RID (but not CR), Universe, Micron Legend, Energon, G2, Titanium, Classics, Henkei, Animated, PRID, Arms Micron, Platinum Edition, EZ, Beast Hunters, Generations, BotCon 2012, Alternity, MP-2, Some Stamp figure, Watches
  • Parody Deformed Feature (toys, comics, designs)
  • Some interviews or info, can’t tell
  • DMK Interview
  • GoShooter Page
  • Results of Figure Poll
  • Yumi Touma Interview (Goshooter’s voice actress)