Hasbro & Shapeways team up to bring Art to 3D life!

Building on the success they’ve had with an initial five artists submitting and selling art based on Hasbro’s My Little Pony brand, Hasbro and Shapeways are now reaching out via Superfanart.com to more artists and branching out into other Hasbro brand franchises.  We were super excited to get their designer notification in our inbox as we have long had our Allspark Custom Cyberkey in the wings waiting for something like this to come along.  You can see the early prototypes in the featured image to this article.
Read the full press release yourself after the jump!

Dear 3D Artist,
As you may have heard, Hasbro and Shapeways are working together to encourage artists to create and sell 3D designs based on Hasbro’s iconic brands.  Our July launch of SuperFanArt.com featured five artists and their My Little Pony-based designs.  We’ve generated substantial press and attention for the artists, Shapeways and Hasbro with our story of a major entertainment company empowering fans to engage with their brands.  Given this early success, we want to expand this opportunity to include more artists, more Hasbro brands and more 3D printed awesomeness.
This letter is an invitation for you to become part of SuperFanArt and the broader Hasbro and Shapeways communities, so we can help you promote and sell your designs to other fans.  If you have a passion to develop 3D-printable art based on any of the following brands, we’d like to hear from you:

  • Dragonvale
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Monopoly
  • My Little Pony
  • Scrabble (to be sold in US and Canada only)
  • Transformers

Get your designs ready and visit SuperFanArt.com on August 22 for instructions on how to upload your work for promotion and sale. We hope you’ll join us in expanding the power of 3D printing by becoming a part of this exciting movement!
Your friends at Hasbro & Shapeways.