Even More 90’s Prototypes On eBay. Let’s Have A Look

The prior round of auctions elicited enthusiastic response, as fans reacted by going into a joyful tizzy, savouring the delights on show, and enjoying the carnival game that was the armchair specialists idea of fair price. Let’s go again!

Now, while there will be some decent (relatively speaking) prices shelled out for these choice cuts of Transformers prototypes, at this stage that’s obvious, that’s a given. While there’s no one item that will captivate ‘regular’ fans like the G2 Stunticons set in the previous round, there’s still quite a few interesting pieces up for grabs. It’s all essentially in the category of ‘seen it’ in some form, but that alone shouldn’t allow you to be lulled into complacency of what’s actually visible. These are wonderful items that would be the centrepiece of many, if not any, collections. They’re simply dwarfed by the sheer mass of all these hitting eBay at once. Well, twice now. You get what we mean.
The parade keeps on keeping on, with new items revolving in to take the place of their completed brethren. Here’s three of them, with copious amount of photos. Enjoy these, as we’re not likely to get that good a look on these again. So we present to you 3 of said items. 2 are the ones that seem to have generated the most fan interest, and one more for sheer boldness.
That means we have these 3 heavyweights: Boxed prototype Transmetal Optimus Primal, who is molded in various types of clear plastic, making it a quirky piece with fan appeal.There has been a lot of speculation about the correct label for the toy. We are just using ‘prototype’ as a general catch-all term. We aren’t saying it is or isn’t legit, or that it came from X-point in the production process.
Next is G2 Dragstrip. Nothing new there, right? We saw it in the set last time. No. Not really. This Dragstrip just happens to have some unique variations in itself, showing how quickly designs change when flustered with deadlines and cost considerations.
Finally, we finish with a carded Combat Hero Optimus Prime, which became something of a fan meme some years ago. It’s fairly regularly seen, as there are a few examples already in collector’s hands. However, ‘regularly seen’ is relative to the rarity of all of these items in the first place. It’s a nice fun piece.
There’ll be 3 different galleries here, one for each figure. Said figure will have its own gallery, but underneath you’ll find the next one. We are providing links to the auctions in question, but are also mirroring the images here, so they’re more permanent than eBay auctions allow.
Let’s start with the obvious one. That would be the Transmetals prototype piece of Optimus Primal. Clear is not a great way to convey metal. It being such an odd juxtaposition means it jumps out to us onlookers. The auction just started, and is available via clicking here. There’s not a whole lot to say on this one. It’s a Transmetal, minus the metal. Minus anything, really. Ironically, that’s the thing that makes it so memorable now: it’s a clear piece in a sea of chrome. It has some novelty to it, and it displays beautifully in the packaging sample it’s in.
Here’s our gallery mirroring the auction photos. Again, the article continues underneath each gallery.

We now move on to a loose G2 Dragstrip piece. Easy to overlook this one, as one was sold just a few weeks ago as part of the complete set, but you haven’t seen it already. There’s some interesting variations that clearly distinguish it from the other. Trying to work out which came first could be a fun, yet headache-inducing. They’re different. Once you notice that, you start seeing the minor differences that end up making a lot of difference. The auction for the piece is located just a click away, right here.

We leave you with one more, a carded sample of the infamous Combat Hero Optimus Prime, a colourscheme that Hasbro hit again with the Gift Set version of the ‘G2’ Optimus Prime. It’s a striking deco, and could stand to be used more. It just looks tough. The auction for it is located right here, and this is the last gallery for now.

In closing, we’d like to mention that these are just a smattering of what’s on offer, both now, what may be upcoming, and the records from the first sales. To see what the seller currently¬† has on offer, click here to be taken to their user page. Even dusting out the classics is worthwhile in Transformers Land. Good luck, and may everyone have a good time perusing the many neat things on offer.