Disney to Release Original, Unaltered, Uncut Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray

UPDATE! This report has since been debunked.
Ever since the Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars Trilogy was released back in the 1990’s, Star Wars fans have been asking for the unaltered, uncut footage as well (you know, where Han shoots first!) but such requests have thus far fallen on deaf ears over at Lucasfilm. Now that Disney have taken over, it seems things have changed. An unaltered, uncut trilogy has been rumored for some time, but now seemingly comes confirmation that there will be such a release on Blu-Ray!
It may be some time before it comes out however as the original negatives that the production team are working with have been damaged. Despite the arduous task of repair and restoration, however, they plan on having the three films ready before Episode VII late next year!
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  • Uh…got news for ya: The 2004 releases of the original trilogy included bonus DVDs with the unaltered films, so please stop with the "but such requests have thus far fallen on deaf ears over at Lucasfilm" crap.