Diamond Addendum: RI Cover For RID #32 Shown, And It’s A Beauty

RID = Robots In Disguise, which in this case refers to the IDW comic series with that name. RI Cover means Retailer Incentive Cover. Less  jargon, more art!

Robots In Disguise #32 is shipping this week, and is available with 3 covers. We showed you the other two, along with solicitation info, in this earlier piece. While it’s very tempting to want Cover A, featuring Thundercracker with a puppy, this RI Cover is definitely going to appeal to lovers of the Marvel comics. It’s a modern update of an image that is burned into the brains of those of us who read Marvel US issue #75 as kids. While we usually go through the various elements, this is one that just screams to be seen as it is.
This RI Cover is part of IDW’s celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Transformers, and they’ve picked a wonderful one here, with art by Casey Coller, and colours by the always magnificent John-Paul Bove. Note that Casey added an ‘After Senior’ on the cover, a fitting tribute to both the 30 years of history of the brand, and to one of the all-time greats of Transformers comics art. Click the thumnail below to view this in a larger format.
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