Detailed Images of Artstorm’s Unicron Head

Everyone’s Transformers collection needs a giant Unicron head hanging above the other toys, keeping a menacing watchful eye on the Transformers below, right? Japanese high-end figure producers Artstorm have updated their website with a new gallery of images showing off their upcoming Unicron Head collectible. From the damaged internal mechanisms inside the bottom of the head, to sinister looking teeth, to shattered and intact optics, to the patchwork of mechanical detailing on the helmet, to the amazing paint job, this collectible is just awe-inspiring in the amount of detail that it offers.
Oh, and remember how we said “giant”? Its height is said to be 600mm, or just over 23 inches! That would certainly be impressive glaring down at your Matrix bearers, plotting revenge.
The head will be released in December and is priced at 29800 yen or roughly $291.92 USD.
Check out Artstorm’s new images on their Unicron Head product page

Unicron Head Collectible Bust From Artstorm