Dengeki Hobby October 2014 Scans – Masterpiece Star Saber Features, SD Optimus & Rodimus, Scorponok & Black Zarak

Tag Hobby has uploaded some scans of the just released October 2014 issue of Dengeki Hobby.  In this issue we get a good look at all of Masterpiece Star Saber’s gimmicks.  As we’ve seen earlier, the Brain of Courage figure can be inserted into Saber’s chest to raise his face or pilot Saber’s jet mode, and Saber can then be inserted into Star Saber’s chest cavity.  Also shown are how Star Saber’s antennae can be repositioned, he features opening missile pods, a sword AND a shield!  Also shown are upcoming 2′ tall Mega Zarak and Black Zarak, SD Optimus and Rodimus Prime from Artstorm, another SD Optimus, and a very detailed and poseable figure of TF4 Optimus Prime.
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