Custom Cardbacks With Display Cases Are Now Available Via Build-A-Brick

Kreons have proven to be the most addictive little Transformers figures we‘ve seen in a long time. With such a wide range of characters available, from the iconic to the obscure, there’s plenty of ways to highlight your favourites. This latest addition from Build-A-Brick might be the best customization available yet.

Mark from Build-A-Brick dropped by to let us know about his new offerings, and we’re glad he did. These look great, provide two different display options, and come with a nice display case, all for just $5.99. The only thing you’ll need to add is appropriate Kreon characters, as these do NOT come with mini-figures, nor the brick stands they’re shown with. But with so many versions of the mainstay characters available, you have a lot of choice for selecting just which versions you’d like to use, taking the personalized customisation even further. To be sure we’re clear here, please note these are CUSTOM items, and are not licensed by Hasbro or TakTom, and you do NOT get a Kreon with the set. You provide your own. The cases also include enough room for you to attach a 4×2 brick stand (not included), to ensure the figures stay upright.
Each has a double-sided cardback. Art shown on their site includes vintage-style box art of Megatron, Soundwave, and Optimus. The comic cover backers show the covers for Marvel:US #3 for Megatron, Marvel:UK #1 For Soundwave, and finally, Marvel:US #1 for Optimus Prime. There are also similar card and case sets available for GIJOE Kreons, and also for Lego Star Wars characters. They already have plans to expand the Transformers line, adding characters such as Starscream, Hound, and Jazz set for future release. All current releases are available on their site. Simply click here, and the magic of clicking will take you right to their store. We have also mirrored the photos below, for your convenience.