Blu-Ray Editions Of G1 Cartoon Announced For Japan

While the 1986 Transformers movie has been available on Blu-ray for quite a few years, we’ve yet to see any more of the series get that same treatment. This may be a blazing herald for this long-requested release.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Generation 1 cartoon will be released in Japan in winter. It is extremely likely that this will continue to give the remaining material, from season 3, and the 5-parter that finishes it off for the West. They also note that there will be inexpensive DVD sets available of Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory. Those series are already available via DVD in the Western world, due to companies like Madman and Shout Factory.
We do not  yet know pricing, nor whether each season will be sold separately for the Blu-ray releases. We also don’t yet know of what, if any, special features will be utilised. The fact that this is being done is a somewhat promising indicator that we may just get lucky too, and soon be able to add local releases of these Blu-ray sets, a desire that would please many fans, especially after seeing how the blue-ray format noticeably improves the linework on animated releases, as seen at a glance at the Animated Movie, comparing it to the DVD version.
Below you’ll find the two images that were shown with the featured article, which is available by clicking right here. We also thank Allspark forum member Buster Darkwings, for pointing this out to us. Click here to be taken to Buster’s thread on the subject. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the images.