Better Pics Of Legends Jetfire And Sky-Byte

We showed you photos of TakaraTomy’s Legends Jetfire and Sky-Byte. Now, we have better ones.

If you missed these the other day, here’s the link for you to catch up. The pics were only postage stamp size, but we were able to discern some details of what to expect. We now have far better pics of both modes of each, and the two are looking really nice. Jetfire looks to be lacking the chrome of the Hasbro version, which is a bit of a role-trade, as normally it’s TakaraTomy who love chrome, as we saw in the Henkei line of years past.
Sky-Byte has blue thighs, matching the rest of his legs. This also means he has a blue missile. Those parts were yellow on the Hasbro version. He also features a much richer overall blue than his Hasbro counterpart, and he also features metallic paint, which you can see, on the gums, teeth, gills, and around the eye. These pics do show comparisons between the two releases, so you can go through and gauge which versions you prefer.
Enjoy these new photos, courtesy of Cheem The Rup from TFW.  Be sure to sound off in our forum thread on these toys, and tell us your thoughts. Chrome or no chrome on Jetfire?


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