BBTS Receives Stock Of Transforming Sushi: Finally An Easier Way To Transform Lunch.

It’s not just something that looks like sushi, it’s also transformable, and is guaranteed to be a rather unique entry to anyone’s collection.

We have mentioned these a few times, most memorably back in June, when we first shared photos of the line of transforming sushi, and other associated sushi-like offerings, such as nigiri and maki rolls. That article is available here, and is probably worth a read if you’re like me, as someone who doesn’t eat sushi, and thus is rather perplexed when doing an article about it. Luckily, intrepid reporter and active-eater-of-everything-edible Jesse provided some info.

They’ve now arrived at BigBadToyStore, and other online and physical importers should be receiving stock of these very soon. Each is around the $11 mark when purchased separately, but cheaper when purchased as a set. Click here to see their page at BBTS. I’ve included photos of one of them, just to give you a quick idea of what these look like. There are many other styles to choose from, all the sort of fare one expects from a sushi shop. The one below is, I think, a flattened prawn on rice? Please don’t take my word on that, though.

Whatever they are, they’re an interesting addition to any collection, and a nice inexpensive conversation piece.







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