BBTS Lists Hot Toys G1 Optimus (Starscream Version) For Pre-Order

This has been one of the more controversial figures to hit the scene recently. Some like it, some hate it, and a large amount simply don’t know what it is. Well, let’s start demisting this collector fog.

So far we know there are two versions on the way, both of which we’ve covered after their initial reveals. Click here for Optimus Prime (Megatron Version) and here for Optimus Prime (Starscream Version). Retailer BigBadToyStore has now listed the Starscream Version for pre-order, which also gives us some new information about the piece. It’s not expected for release until July of 2015, which is a good thing for those that want it, as it’s listed at $344.99.
It’s scheduled to be just under 12 inches high, and the solicitation info on the pre-order page to reveals a LOT we didn’t yet know. Again, this is just for the Starscream Version, though the Megatron Version will have a lot of shared features with this one. Here’s that solicitation:

Product Size: 11.81″ H (299.97mm)* Under license from Hasbro, Hot Toys is proud to present the Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) Collectible Figure from the classic TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1. The Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) collectible figure stands approximately 30cm tall featuring a highly detailed mechanical structure and remarkable painting applications with distress effect, a pair of Starscream’s wings, weapons, and a rocky ground diorama base with Autobots’ logo. The Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) Collectible Figure specially features: – Authentic and detailed likeness of Optimus Prime from THE TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1
– Approximately 30 cm tall
– Over 36 points of articulations
– Special features on armor:
– LED-lighted eyes (white light, battery operated)
– Chest can be opened to reveal LED light up Matrix of Leadership (white light, battery operated)
– One (1) pair of palms with movable fingers
– Metallic red, silver, yellow and blue colored painting on armor with distress effect
– Embossed Autobots insignia on left shoulder
– One (1) cannon
– Two (2) rifles mountable on shoulder or forearm
– One (1) pair of wings
– One (1) set of wheels mountable on figure’s back
– Two (2) back mounting accessories
– One (1) rocky ground diorama base with Autobots’ logo
Product Number: HOT10528
Shipping Weight: 8.40 pounds

As you can see, that’s quite a lot of bang for your buck. The initial Facebook reveal mentioned that early pre-orders would also receive a decapitated Starscream head. That is not mentioned here, but is not that much of a surprise, as the exclusive version is usually a Sideshow exclusive, which we now know is the case. Check with your retailer in regards to that bonus extra, or Sideshow themselves. His height matches the usual 1/6 scale Hot Toys figures, which generally clock in around the 12 inch mark, depending on the character. Considering this is a robot truck, it’s rather difficult to work out the ‘correct’ scale that this one slots into.
The BBTS listing is available here, and due for July 2015, at $344.99. We have also mirrored the solicit pics below. For a more comprehensive gallery of the toy, click the link at the beginning of the article for the Starscream Version.
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